Card and Gift

"Shana, as befits a member of the attention-deficit generation, zigzags between hyper-animation and zonked-out fatigue, which allows Ms. Dershowitz to make a meal of the show’s tastier lines. (“I majored in communications,” Shana says. “If that’s not vague, I don’t know what is.”)"
🔗 - New York Times (Ben Brantley)


"These words are delivered with the wise, smiling patience of a parent...In this case, the speaker is an 18-year-old erotic-movie actress, Janet (Ella Dershowitz), who exudes the radiant wholesomeness of the girl next door. Which she is."
🔗 - New York Times (Ben Brantley)


"But amongst a stage brimming with talent, the standout role is Ella Dershowitz's Sharon. After playing small background roles through the first hour of the show, she stuns as a girl who was probably born with some natural social awkwardness, but has been driven deeper and deeper into a tunnel of her own lonliness fueled by the availability of an immersive online experience in World of Warcraft. Her performance is so transformative that I was sure it must have been a different redhead who was onstage for all of those other scenes, remaining entirely convinced of this fact until I was proven wrong at the curtain call."
- Webroadway
"Perhaps the most transformative performance came from Ella Dershowitz. Dershowitz had a trio of characters to portray including a TV Host, a drunk party girl, and a homely gamer with a heart. If you had to take a second to remind yourself that the same actress was playing the drunk girl that passed out as well as Sharon, you’re not alone. Dershowitz has incredible range, shining brightly as Sharon. Her character was truthful, pulling on your heartstrings."
- Theater in the Now
"Meghan is interviewed by a smarmy TV Host (a spot-on, campy send-up by Ella Dershowitz)...Online role playing games are questioned in an intriguing, humorous scene about an introverted, geeky teen (Ella Dershowitz is excellent as Sharon), whose life revolves around the game of Warcraft...The game has intruded on her ability to function, find a job and love...The extent to which Sharon is spiraling out of reality into no life lived except online is a profound expose of the impact of fractured virtual reality on one’s soul".
- Theater Pizzazz


"Amber is mortified by her body, yet gushy, compulsive in expression, and Dershowitz forges a physicality and countenance that's always in the middle of a tug-of-war - biting her lip but dying to let something spill, magnetically drawn forward yet poised to recoil."
🔗 - San Francisco Chronicle (Lily Janiak)
"Dershowitz plays an awkward teenager with eerie verisimilitude, from the fast-talking adolescent drawl to the caved-in, fidgety body language."
🔗 - The Mercury News
"Dershowitz's vanity-free playing of the role is excruciatingly convincing."
- Bay Area Reporter

The Wolves

"Standouts include Ella Dershowitz (#13) who is delightful as the team's designated goofball and clown."
🔗 - The Sacremento Bee

You Will Remember Me

"The performances from the seasoned veterans of this five-person cast were bold and uniformly on point with a couple of star turns from John Hutton and Ella Dershowitz...The play has its best moments when he is paired with Berenice, played by Ella Dershowitz, a young woman raised on social media that he mistakes for a long lost family member. Through her he reinvents his past and heals old wounds. Dershowitz performs with the most entertaining nasal twang that drips with “yeah, I’m a shallow millennial – so what?” (We’ll never know if it was an affectation she adopted for the character or if that’s just the way she talks.)"
- What To Do Digital

The Siegel

"Ella Dershowitz is a mixture of 'no bull allowed in my life' and of being on the verge of a major insecurity attack as she plays an Alice who is in search of her next platform to help save the world. At times she has the look of a deer in the headlights...something in her eyes also begins to shift as some new spark that was not quite extinguished finds a new flame; and when that happens, The Siegel becomes both funny and intriguing."
- Talkin' Broadway


"Into the mix comes Kate, played with flair and utter believability by Ella Dershowitz, who arrives on the scene with long legs and blue hair, for free boarding in return for whatever help she can give, even as she herself grapples with the slings and arrows of how to shape her young life."
- MV Times

4000 Miles

"Ella Dershowitz is sweet and appealing as Bec, Leo’s conflicted former girlfriend, now in college in New York."
- New York Times (Anita Gates)